Putting My House in Order

Death knows no age; therefore, preparation for death in not limited to any particular age group. It may be even more important for young families to develop a plan for the continued well-being of their family members should an untimely death occur.

Planning for death is frequently postponed until its immediacy forces family members to make difficult decisions quickly. With this in mind, the Board of Deacons presents “Putting My House in Order” to you, the members and friends of First Congregational Church in Huntley, in order that you may become informed, may have questions answered, and may consider fully those end-of life decisions you desire. Through learning and thought, you will help those remaining family members to honor you in the manner you choose, thereby avoiding the confusion and frustrations that can shatter family relations.

The Deacons at First Congregational Church have put together the Putting My House in Order document to help in your personal planning.

How to Download ‘Putting My House in Order’

Please OPEN and DOWNLOAD and SAVE a copy of the form BEFORE filling it in.

Then save the completed form to your computer for ease of updating.

If you fill it out the form using the link, your information will not be saved.

In order to make future changes without completing the entire form, you must first download and save the document then fill out and save it.

Click the image or here to download

Putting Your House in Order